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“Ode to the Abstract Artist” by Skye Taylor


Check out the Funny Video Skye did by himself!  He was cameraman, editor, rapper, …well everything.

The video was shot in Skye’s front room using a bed sheet and shop lights.  It took three weeks to produce with endless takes.  He built a back drop using PVC pipes to create a frame for the white (Wal-mart) sheet.

The lighting was built with PVC pipes and shop lights using day light CFL bulbs.

It began with the song which Skye wrote to music then created a teleprompter for his laptop so he could lip sync for the video.  Syncing tracks is a definite challenge but Skye got the feel for it and he was off to the races.

Skye’s ability to do animation found him intermingling his talent throughout the video.

Here are a few fun facts about “Ode to the Abstract Artist”.

The roller coaster scene was a VHS tape of the front view of the roller coaster. Skye played this while sitting in front of his big screen TV with the camera filming from behind.  He positioned the CFL day lights around him and used a standard bulb that had a yellow cast to simulate sun. He then cranked a fan to blow his hair then moved his body to follow the track. Here is the best part and I dare you to say the scene doesn’t look authentic. When he approached a dark tunnel he shut of the movie lights and turned them back on when he emerged. It gave a realistic impression that he actually went through the tunnel.

Getting the coffee cup to sit on a shadow was a challenge and is much to technical to get involved here but the basic idea is simple. The coffee cup really was set on a table and the girls shadow was overlayed so you couldn’t see the table…a real challenge with basic software that came with the laptop and Windows Movie Maker. Inexpensive cartoon software helps polish effect.

Making a 3 minute music video is extremely labor intensive. Each line of the song was thought out to create a visual. An example is the line…”Time stands for no one” So the scene shows a person with a clock head sitting down.  The video is on YouTube and the lyrics are printed below the video. Please share it on Facebook or send it to a friend.

Well there you have it…Secrets of a music video. Enjoy!




SKYE TAYLOR IS CREATING HOW TO PAINT ABSTRACT VIDEOS Teaching the world How to paint – one person at a time

Skye Taylor on Patrion



Hello, I’m Skye Taylor!

I believe that sharing my gift for painting abstracts and creating unique 3d works of art should be free to all. I need your support so that I can create easy to understand tutorial videos that will inspire the world to paint.

My videos will be loaded with tips and tricks as well as secrets and a dose of humor on how to create stunning works of art inexpensively. Think Bob Ross times 10! There will be no speed videos that will leave you with questions on exactly what (I) the artist used to create the piece like my other artist friends. You will get straight forward all the secrets mixed with good natured humor. You can share my videos anyway you want with my blessing. How about a family painting night?

I will produce two to four Videos per month for YouTube and your monthly contribution will help fund equipment upgrades and expenses necessary to film professionally while creating unique content. It also supplements my income as I’m a full time creator of Art and animation. Funding starts as little as $1 per video. I plan on doing 2 Tutorials per month and occasionally a Tips and Tricks video or motivational video so that would be between 2 to 4 videos per month tops. You will never be charged more than the (Cap) limit per total videos you choose.

Your kind contribution will help me infect the world with the joy of creating beautiful works of abstract art. My heart to heart talks on YouTube have inspired many into creating beautiful Art and your kind support will insure I can continue for years to come.
Many Blessings,
Skye Taylor
P.S. Donations are not expected but very much appreciated. Whether you give or not; I will still continue to make videos to inspire and encourage those who wish to paint.




Pledge $1.00 or more per Video

Pledging just $1 per Video you are supporting a tutorial series on YouTube on painting abstracts and creating stunning works in 3D (Later episodes). In return you get :

  • My sincere appreciation. The painting series is dedicated to my viewers with a sincere effort to encourage and enlighten the creative mind. Everything is possible because of your support.
  • Access to my Patreon Activity feed for exclusive Skye Taylor News and events.
  • I will be posting behind the scenes photos and videos
  • A warm feeling knowing your contribution made viewing around the world
  • Lifetime 10% Discount off of any original Skye Taylor Painting on my website


    Pledge $3.00 or more per Video  All of the above plus:

  • That’s right! You get to see the Videos a day before anyone else!


   Pledge $5.00 or more per Video

All of the above plus:

  • You may suggest upcoming videos and Ideas and if we use your idea or collaborate with you, we will give you credit and a shout out in the video. Yay!


Pledge $10.00 or more per Video

All of the above plus:

  • Access to monthly web chat


Pledge $25.00 or more per Video


All of the above plus:

  • Lifetime 15% Discount off any original signed painting on my Skye Taylor website
  • Random drawing to receive signed paint brush used in show.


Pledge $50.00 or more per Video

All of the above plus:

  • Your name mentioned in the credits at the end of the video a few episodes a year


Pledge $100.00 or more per Video

All of the above plus:

  • Lifetime 20% Discount off any original signed painting on my website
  • 30 Minutes a month one on one phone or Google Hangout to ask me questions, watch you paint or talk about anything you want while I drink Coffee.


Pledge $150.00 or more per Video

All of the above:

  • Get a yearly personalized message (Anything from a birthday wish to a proposal video) plus all above rewards. Must be a member in this category at least 6 months


Pledge $1,000.00 or more per Video

(Limited 10 of 10 left) 


Pledge $1,000 or more per video (Can cap it at $1,000 per month or more if you choose) Everything above plus:

  • My sincere humble appreciation…WOW!
  • 1 hour a month one on one phone or Google Hangout to ask me questions, watch you paint or talk about anything you want while I drink Coffee.
  • FREE: One existing original signed painting off my website up to $500 plus free shipping (Many to choose from) or $500 Discount off a higher priced painting. (Outside of the USA it might have to be taken off frame and rolled. Certain paintings may be too large to ship outside USA – We’ll talk. (must be in this category 6 months)
  • Lifetime 25% Discount on all future paintings from my website cannot be used in conjunction to upgrade free offer.
  • More fun perks – I’m creative….wait and see.



My Artist Roots by Skye Taylor

I never knew my grandfather.  My mother never knew her father.  

His name was Marius Riou. That’s him in the picture above with his hands on his hips.   He came from France to America around the turn-of-the-century.  Marius Riou was an artist. When he arrived in America, he had nothing more than an easel and the desire to be a great artist in America. He had a simple dream in a land filled with such great opportunity.   By way of ship, he landed in the ports of New York City and soon found his way to Connecticut, his new home.  He took a job in a shop painting detail stripes on automobiles and Horse buggies.  It wasn’t long before he met and fell in love with my grandmother Barbara and after a short courtship they were married.

In 1913 my mother Frances was born.  Marius worked long hard hours to support his family.  Constant exposure to paint fumes began to take their toll and eventually caused the death of Grandfather Marius.  He was barely 28.

Detail Brushes Circa 1919
Detail Brushes Circa 1919

The detail brushes that are shown in this picture were his personal brushes he had clenched in his hands when he died on the cold floor of the shop.  Marius’s boss took them from his hand and gave them to my Grandmother with sad regrets.  My mother was barely 5 years old when her father passed.   Her only recollection was how her Father would carry her on his broad shoulders.  My Mother never knew her father.

My mother was given his easel and the detail brushes that he owned along with the only known  painting he ever did in America.  It was a simple painting of a man and his ox in a lush mountainous valley.  She was barely 5 years old, but she knew the importance of saving these personal treasures.  As she grew older, she developed an interest in art.  Like her father before her, she too, began to paint on that easel. Over the years, it was quite evident that she had developed a talent just like her father.

Growing up as a child I can vividly remember the easel sitting in the back of the closet.  I began to take an interest in art around five years old by copying cartoons out of the Family Circle Magazine.  My very first painting was in first grade.  I can remember as if it were yesterday.  I remember sitting in that classroom well after the bell had rang to go home mesmerized by my finger paint creation.  I can remember looking out the window at pitch black skies threatening to rain, and the bright red taillights parked along the street of parents waiting to pick up their children.  It was just me and my teacher as she sat patiently waiting for me to finish.  My very first painting was the side profile of a man smiling painted in rusty red finger paint. This was my proudest moment!  I can remember weeks later taking this painting home and showing my mother and father.  My father named the painting “Smiley”.  My mother gave me such encouragement that I knew at a tender age that Art was my calling.

I’ll never forget one Christmas when I was around 10 years old receiving my first oil paint set.  My mother went to the closet and gave me that magic easel which changed my life.  I can remember painting all Christmas day.  My sister who lived across the street always cooked Christmas dinner and it was a family ritual for all to attend.  I can remember being so enthralled with the oil painting that I did not wish to go.  I just wanted to stay home and paint.

Skye Taylor 1969
Skye Taylor 1969 painting on the “Magic Easel”

My first paintings were somewhat primitive, but my mother was always encouraging. One day she took me into the bedroom and we sat on her bed. She opened up her dresser drawer and pulled out a small box. Inside the box were small detail brushes.  She told me the story of how her father died with these detail brushes in his hand and that she so cherished them.  On that special day, she gave me the brushes and told me to go be a great artist.  She also gave me his easel and his only known painting.

As the years went by, mom passed away. The only piece of art that I had of my grandfathers was taken by a thief who had broken into my home and stole it from my dresser drawer.  I can still remember that painting vividly. It was painted on a piece of leather and was somewhat primitive but in true essence it was a masterpiece.  It is etched in my mind so clearly I could never forget.  Even though I do not have the original piece, the thief may have stolen the painting, but he could never steal the beautiful memory.

I painted my whole life on that magic easel.  I have always felt my grandfather’s presence looking over my shoulder and guiding my hand. When I paint on that easel, I can feel my mother’s presence always encouraging. I do believe that magic easel changed my life. My art has taken on new dimensions. Sometimes when I look at a blank canvas not knowing what to paint, I will take those fragile detail brushes in my hand and close my eyes. I can feel the aura of my grandfather and my mother and with that I begin to paint. A spiritual experience awakes my inner soul and with brush in hand, I am once again alive.

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