“Ode to the Abstract Artist” by Skye Taylor


Check out the Funny Video Skye did by himself!  He was cameraman, editor, rapper, …well everything.

The video was shot in Skye’s front room using a bed sheet and shop lights.  It took three weeks to produce with endless takes.  He built a back drop using PVC pipes to create a frame for the white (Wal-mart) sheet.

The lighting was built with PVC pipes and shop lights using day light CFL bulbs.

It began with the song which Skye wrote to music then created a teleprompter for his laptop so he could lip sync for the video.  Syncing tracks is a definite challenge but Skye got the feel for it and he was off to the races.

Skye’s ability to do animation found him intermingling his talent throughout the video.

Here are a few fun facts about “Ode to the Abstract Artist”.

The roller coaster scene was a VHS tape of the front view of the roller coaster. Skye played this while sitting in front of his big screen TV with the camera filming from behind.  He positioned the CFL day lights around him and used a standard bulb that had a yellow cast to simulate sun. He then cranked a fan to blow his hair then moved his body to follow the track. Here is the best part and I dare you to say the scene doesn’t look authentic. When he approached a dark tunnel he shut of the movie lights and turned them back on when he emerged. It gave a realistic impression that he actually went through the tunnel.

Getting the coffee cup to sit on a shadow was a challenge and is much to technical to get involved here but the basic idea is simple. The coffee cup really was set on a table and the girls shadow was overlayed so you couldn’t see the table…a real challenge with basic software that came with the laptop and Windows Movie Maker. Inexpensive cartoon software helps polish effect.

Making a 3 minute music video is extremely labor intensive. Each line of the song was thought out to create a visual. An example is the line…”Time stands for no one” So the scene shows a person with a clock head sitting down.  The video is on YouTube and the lyrics are printed below the video. Please share it on Facebook or send it to a friend.

Well there you have it…Secrets of a music video. Enjoy!




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